Staff - 1 to 7 of 7


Andrea Chavarria

- Office Manager in Ventura
- Proud Mother of 2


Diego Rivera

- Assistant Coach and Class Coach
- Has coached for 10 years
- Coaching Style: Technical and FUN!
- Favorite Accessory: A Pancho  


Eddie Rios

- Head Coach and Director
- Hawaii Pacific University
- Charismatic (We asked Eddie to describe himself in one word.)
- Head Coach of Jr Black, Plastix, and Cali Smoed
- 4 x World Champion
- Multiple NCA Champion
- Favorite Color: Blue and Neon and he loves Dolphins and Gas Station Food
- Favorite Movie: Silence of the Lambs


John Cronin

- Head Tumbling Coach
- Helped development of our athletes levels 1-5 
- He focuses on refinement of skills with a fun style of coaching, by using
humor and analogies that make sense.
- Favorite Past Time: Skateboarding and maintaining perfect his curls.


Juan Hernandez

- Tumbling Coach
- Inspiring Coach that continually pushes out new skills 
- Gymnastics expert 
- Coaching Style: laid back yet productive
- Favorite Movie: Gremlins


Orby Orta

- Head Coach and Co-Director
- Miami Dade College
- Head Coaches Code 3, Snipers, i6 
- Has been in the industry for 20+years 
- 4 x 2014 World Champion
- Multiple NCA Champion
- Known for his creative and innovative routines 
- Favorite Food: Kit Kats

Kali Seitzer